Health and Safety


Your child’s health is very important to us. At the discretion of the teachers, your child may not be admitted to our center or may be sent home if any of the following symptoms of illness are present:

  • If child has a fever 100 degrees or higher and who also has one or more of the following symptoms: diarrhea, earache, sore throat, rash, signs of irritability or confusion.
  • Diarrhea 3 or more water stools within 24 hr period or 1 bloody stool .. Vomiting on 2 or more occasions within 24 hr. period
  • Draining rash or sore
  • Eye Discharge or Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Lice and Scabies- No Nits policy
  • Strep Throat
  • Chicken Pox-until sores have dried and crusted
  • Runny nose (thick or runny secretions) and or coughing, difficultly breathing
  • Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities.

If any staff or the director have concerns about child’s ability to safely return to center, we reserve the right to request a note from the child’s health care provider. It is our policy to do a health check upon arrival. Children who exhibit any of the above symptoms or those children who develop them late in the day will be removed from the classroom to the office sick room. Parents will be required to pick their child up and THE CHILD MUST WAIT 24 HOURS BEFORE RETURNING TO THE CENTER.

Disaster Preparedness:

Adventures has an emergency disaster plan in place. Staff members are First Aid and CPR certified and prepared to handle an emergency. Please make sure that you have received your copy of the disaster plan and review it at least once a year. It is also important that you provide your child with a disaster packet which needs to include the following items: a backpack- put all items in backpack, change of clothes, Kleenex, 3 real juices, 3 small boxes of cereal, 1 container of meat (example beef jerky), boxes of dried fruit (raisins), letter from parents, and a small book. Adventures in Learning has a 3 day supply of water and food and other items in the event of a disaster.

First Aid

When your child is in our care there is always a staff member with current training, in age appropriate CPR and First Aid. The program director is responsible for assuring our first aid kits are fully stocked with all necessary supplies. Each classroom has a first aid kit available as well as having supplies in the kitchen area.

Minor Injury Management

When a minor emergency such as small cuts, bumps, bruises and sprains occur we will take action as specified in our first aid training. All actions taken/treatment given will be recorded on an incident report and filed in your child’s file.

Medication Management

1. Medication will only be giving with prior written consent of the child’s parent/legal guardian.

2. All medications must be in the original container labeled with: Child’s full name, name of medication, dosage, frequency, and duration.

3. Prescription medications must have the manufacturer’s original label.

4. The dose and frequency is stated on the label and the medication is age and weight appropriate for your child.

5. All medications will be stored: Locked in the cupboard in the kitchen or in a locked box in the refrigerator.
6. All medication will be:

  • Inaccessible to children
  • Separate from staff or household medication
  • Protected from contaminants
  • Under proper temperature control

7. Unused medication will be returned to parents or flushed down the toilet.

8. Records of all medication will be maintained in a medication log book in the kitchen. The medication records will contain: Child’s name, name of medication, dose, and the time it was given.

9. Staff giving medication to child will sign the record with their full signature.

10. Any child that has a condition where the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies, Adventures in Learning, Inc will make reasonable accommodations and give the medication to your child.


Adventures in Learning, Inc will provide a range of learning experiences and will seek to promote each child’s developmentally appropriate social behavior, self control, and respect for the rights of others. We use both indirect and direct guidance techniques. If a child’s behavior becomes hazardous to him/her or to other children, we will immediately remove them from the situation. This “Think it over time” will give teachers the opportunity to help the child understand why the behavior is inappropriate and needs to be changed. In extreme circumstances where a child seems unable to discontinue undesirable behavior, the director will require that child be removed from his/her classroom until the parents can confer with the school and decide upon a joint home and school plan of action to correct the behavior.

Teachers at Adventures in Learning will not use corporal punishment under any circumstances. No form of corporal punishment is allowed on the premises by anyone, including parents.

Reporting Child Abuse

The staff at Adventures in Learning are required by Washington State Law to report immediately to police or Child Protective Services any instance when there is reason to suspect the occurrence of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, child neglect or exploitation. We may not be able to notify parents when such call is made. This will depend on the recommendation of Child Protective Services.


You will be receiving a monthly newsletter from your child’s teacher. The letter will include the theme for that month and also some of the different activities your child will be participating in. The newsletter will also include the snack menu. We also have a parent board where all the letters that are sent home are posted ,along with the teacher schedule, snack menu and immunization requirements. We value the ongoing communication between parents and teachers. Please feel free to call during nap time hours (12:30-2:30 pm) if you need to speak with your child’s teacher. It is our hope that quality of care and clear communication with parents will provide your child with the best opportunities for success.


Meals are not provided but a healthy morning and afternoon snack will be provided to your child. Snack menus will be posted on your monthly newsletter and also on the parent board. Please make the center aware of any and all food allergies your child may have. Please be sure that your child has an adequate amount of food and that it is of nutritional nature. State licensing requires us, to monitor each child’s lunch for safe preparation, storage, and nutritional adequacy.

Lunches are provided by the parents. A nutritious, well- balanced lunch is very important for a child’s physical growth. The following is a list of lunch box suggestion:

Sandwiches: Tuna, cold cuts, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, egg salad.

Or for a Change: Yogurt, cheeses and crackers, meat chunks, soup, spaghetti, tortilla with melted cheese

Vegetable and Fruit: broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, orange slices, bananas, mixed fruit, apples, pears, grapes (cut up), melon.

Drinks: Milk, 100% Fruit Juice, water

Miscellaneous Goodies: raisins, granola, granola bars, trail mix, graham crackers, pretzels, variety of chips

Birthdays are special and important occasions. You are welcome to bring STORE bought cupcakes or cookies to share with your child’s class.

General Guidelines

Clothing and Shoes

We ask that children arrive wearing comfortable, washable clothes suitable for active and messy play. It is important for kids to feel free to become involved in any activity. The clothing needs to be easy for your child to get on and off for bathroom independence (if applicable).

Personal items and Toys

Adventures in Learning has carefully selected toys and equipment for all children so it is not necessary to bring toys from home. We do have specific days for Show and Tell so your child will be able to bring a special toy to share on those days. So make sure you look to see when your child’s day for sharing time.


Photographs are taken of children for the use of the classrooms. Parents will be notified for their written consent prior to any use of photographs for publicity purposes.

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